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3 Things To Know About The Bail Bond Process

Anyone who gets arrested can contact a company that offers bail bond services for help getting released. Once you make the call to the bondsman, the bondsman will begin working on your case. If you are currently in jail and need a way out, this could be your ticket. You need to learn how the bail bond process works, though, so you can know what to expect. Here are three critical things to know about how this process works.

A Bail Bond Is a Loan

When the police arrest you and lock you behind bars, you have several ways out. First, you can wait until the judge releases you. If you choose this option, you may remain in jail for months or years, though. The second option is paying the bail bond for your case. If you cannot come up with the money, though, you could not use this method.

The other option is using a bail bond agent for assistance. When you use this method, you hire the agent to pay your bail. The result is a bail bond loan. The money the agent pays for your bail is money you must repay to the agent. The easiest way to repay it is by following the court's orders. If you do this, the court will release the money to the agent, and you will not have to pay back the loan.

The Agent Researches You Before Approving the Loan

When you call an agent, the agent will not instantly approve helping you. Instead, they will research you to find out if they can trust you. If so, they will pay your bail for you. If you are have a high flight risk, they may require collateral before helping you. Bail bond agents always charge a fee, no matter how risky a person is, so you should prepare to pay the fee in exchange for your release.

You May Get Released Very Quickly Once Approved

The good news about using a bail bond agent is that this service offers a way out of jail quickly. Once the agent approves your case, you will be released shortly.

Learning the process before you need it is probably the best way to handle this event, but there are times when this is not possible. If you need help now and have no one to turn to, call a bail bond agent. The agent can help you and will answer all the questions you have about the process.