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4 Things To Know If You Want To Use Collateral For A Bail Bond

Taking a bail bond from an agent is one of the most widely used methods for getting released from jail. People turn to bail bonds as they offer a more affordable way to get released from jail before their trials. If you need a way out but have no cash, you could talk to an agent about using collateral to get out. Collateral is something that most agents accept, and here are four things to know about the use of collateral when using a bail bond.

How a Bail Bond Works

Before you can understand how collateral works with a bail bond, you must know the basic principles of bail bond services. Here are the primary principles to understand:

You pay a fee to the bail bond agent. The fee is around 10%, and you cannot receive a refund for this fee.

The agent pays the full bail amount. In exchange for the fee and your word, the agent pays the bail for you, and the jail releases you.

You follow the orders of the court. If you do everything you are told to, the court releases the money back to the agent that paid it for you. Once this occurs, you no longer have any responsibilities to the agent.

To use these services, you'll need to come up with the 10% fee.

The Types of Collateral You Can Use

If you have no cash and cannot pay the 10% fee, you might be able to surrender items you own to the agent. For example, the agent might accept jewelry, vehicles, property, or electronics. The items must be yours, and they must be worth money.

You Need Enough to Cover the Fee and Maybe More

One of the questions you should ask the agent is how much collateral you need. The agent may accept collateral that is equal to at least 10% of your bail amount, or the agent might require more. Every case is unique, and the agent will determine the answer to this question for your situation.

You Can Get It Back

No matter how much collateral you offer, you always have the opportunity to get it back. To do so, you will need to comply with every requirement of the court and the agent. If you do that, you will eventually get your things back.

Do you need a way out of jail? If so, you can use cash or collateral to make this happen. Call a bail bond agent today or visit here or other sites to learn more.