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Banking And Investment Products - How To Video Chat Up Upwardly Mobile Men

Financial advisors are seeking new ways to connect with mobile consumers. Banks are losing the personal touch with customers in the digital age. The disconnect is especially acute with male investors. Men are less likely to seek financial consulting services than women.  Video banking provides an opportunity to capture the attention of male clients who are spendi

Estate Values Rising With Vintage And Collectibles Market

If you are cleaning out your home or an estate, you may be discouraged by declining values for antiques. Yet auction houses and estate liquidation companies are busier than ever. Alongside antiques, shops are selling Art Deco furniture; and alongside fine art, art dealers are selling new generation artists. The broadening of the antiques, art, and collectibles market

3 Worthwhile Benefits Of Medical Practitioners Utilizing Medical Billing Services

If you own a medical practice, billing is probably one of the more important and stressful aspects to manage. If you're looking for assistance, consider utilizing medical billing services. They can help your medical practice in the following ways.  Serve Patients More Effectively If you spent a lot of time dealing with claims and billing, then that's just time aw

The Do's And Don'ts of Opening a Trust Checking Account

Are you forming a trust? These legal and financial tools can provide needed security and management of your assets, but they are often complex. One seemingly simple element of a trust that may be overlooked is the trust checking account. What do you need to know about opening and operating a checking account for your trust? Here are a few do's and don'ts. Do Open an A

What Does The Home Loan Process Look Like?

Going through anything for the first time is harder to do because there are a lot of unknowns, and this includes the home loan purchases process. If you have never purchased a home before but are right now, you will go through the home loan process for the first time. During this time, you may have a lot of questions and confusion, but you can eliminate some of the co