Money and Responsibility

Money and Responsibility

What Is A DST 1031 Exchange?

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) 1031 Exchange is a process through which an individual can potentially defer any otherwise due capital gains taxes from the sale of rental real estate property. The actual process itself is outlined in the Internal Revenue (IRS) Code Section 2004-86 and isn't without very strict requirements that must be met.  In particu

Should You Help Bail An Acquaintance Out Of Jail? 4 Questions To Ask Before You Get Involved

Being arrested can sometimes cause people to reach out to anyone that they think will help to get them out of jail. While you might know this person fairly well, you may also not know enough about them to be sure if arranging for their bail is the right thing to do. After all, bailing someone out of jail comes with some serious responsibilities. Now that they've reach

Tips For Investing And Saving With A Precious Metals IRA

If you are looking into different ways to invest and save for your future, you might want to look into a precious metals Investment Retirement Account (IRA). This is an option that many people don't know about. You might have heard of a traditional IRA investment account, but you might have never heard of an IRA that allows you to invest with precious metals instead o

4 Things To Know If You Want To Use Collateral For A Bail Bond

Taking a bail bond from an agent is one of the most widely used methods for getting released from jail. People turn to bail bonds as they offer a more affordable way to get released from jail before their trials. If you need a way out but have no cash, you could talk to an agent about using collateral to get out. Collateral is something that most agents accept, and he

Short On Cash? Sell These Items During An Economic Crisis

In times of economic uncertainty, sometimes it can be hard to make your dollars actually work for you. When you're running short on funds and in a bind to pay bills or just stash some more cash away in savings, consider getting rid of certain items in your home to turn a profit. Whether you decide to visit a pawnshop, list online, or sell things on your local social m